About us

We have been a group of Ruby on Rails programmers for a lot of years. During that period we have found Ruby language most intuitive and developer friendly way of expressing the flow of ideas inside the human brain. Every single thought is easy to transform into a piece of code. When it comes to the website development there's lot of ideas but the goal is always the same - make it online ASAP! Combining great language with an even better framework is what makes developers happy to work, thus making website projects easier to do. Our mission is to fulfill every customers needs therefor establish long term relationship to make their business growing up.

Ruby on Rails

Programming in Ruby on Rails is fun for us and every project a new challenge.


We are not afraid to use AJAX or different effect libraries like jQuery UI to help us set in motion interface.


We never forget about SEO! We always develop with regard to search engine optimization.

Why Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails has been the most innovative and progressive web framework in last few year and has become full stack enterprise framework in very much every aspect. Due to high level of abstraction and convention over configuration, the written code is easy to read and understand. The most valued result of such a code is maintainability and shortened development time.
Today we know, there's no other language and framework we'd like to work with. Thanks to the worldwide popularity of Ruby on Rails is available a large number of ready-made solutions - plugins (called gems) which we can use when developing. The basic skeleton application is so made up very quickly so then we can spend more time solving real problems in the logic of the application or refining the user interface.
Using exclusively Ruby on Rails website development framework when working on small dynamic website to complex and full of features social network portals, or even just internal company applications, we do our best to bring you the latest and finest from web technologies. We started working with Rails 6 years ago because we felt all the advantages, but being different at that time was a difficult job.




Development of internal system to maintain employees, schedules and economy aspects of security and asset protection firm with thousands of users.


Arab Horse

Arabhorse was created for company The Arabian Horse Network. Main role of this portal are news about rearing arabian horses.


Mike Ruiz

Custom made website with a photo management and publishing platform for the famous celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz.



Creation of online invoicing, billing and accounting software for JVK Consulting s.r.o.. So, you can access your paperwork from everywhere - from you mobile, tablet...



Creating a community portal where meet users with same interests about recipes and cooking in general. All content is formed by our users, so just sign up and already under your name may be formed recipes, comments or articles.



Simple, clear and clever application for the management of your spending. Registration and operation of the system is completely FREE for all user. Application has automatic language selection.



iEquine is the most modern web site for a large community of supporters of horse breeding. Includes an extensive social network with possibility communication, marketing and promotion of own horses or farm. There are also videos, photo gallery, discussion forums, live coverage from actions and much more.


NOH8 Campaign

Web portal for the presentation and promotion of campaign NOH8 - photographic protest of known photographer - Adam Bouska and of his partner Jeff Parshley, the adoption of Amendment No. 8 on registered partnership. Part of the portal is a comprehensive photo gallery with integrated e-shop.



Localize application for translating locale files.

More references

Business School Ostrava

Analysis and implementation of information system of university, which provides complete operation of college from the education, schedules, electronic applications, e-index and also the economy. Features for students, teachers, school staff with more than 5000 users.

The Pyramid Society

Creating a CMS portal for one of the largest organizations providing marketing services for breeders arabian horses of The Pyramid Society.


Our steady partner that we work for and done many projects. Large scale web portal about cooking and recipes sRecepty.cz, online accounting system súčto.cz, sMoneybox.com personal accounting and money spending solution for individuals translated into 15 different languages. For an internal use we developed an internal CRM solution.

And many more...

Our partners


In cooperation with the Comodo company we offer SSL certificates to secure your websites and data.


We provide outsourcing in area development web applications - product analysis, implementation analysis, audits of existing solutions and the total development. Provision of services through outsourcing has been operating since the seventies years and today is the increasing worldwide trend. We have very well trained and experienced staff in this issue, so you can safely hand us responsibility for the design, build and manage your information systems and fully devote to your business.


Lukáš Kamp

Ruby on Rails developer, in his free time he enjoys many different sport activities, especially squash.

Lukáš Kamp

Richard Říman

Ruby on Rails and Python programmmer. Actively interested in new technologies and Linux servers administration. He runs his own webhosting services, for example Ruby on Rails hosting, but also virtual servers and more. He sometimes ride a bicycle, inline skates or go hiking to mountains.

Richard Říman

Richard Lapiš

Rails developer, he spends his free time by programming, startups, taking photographs, but also sport activities - badminton and football. He likes to studying and learning new technologies.

Richard Lapiš

Barbora Šumná

Support for projects, SEO optimization, administration and PR. She likes sports, reading and developing knowledge.

Barbora Šumná

Jana Bajzíková

Support of company management and marketing.

Jana Bajzíková

Maria Emilia Ciuci

Marketing supporter for Spanish projects. She is italo-argentinian and enjoys going around the world taking photos and visiting new places. She is interested in fashion, technologies and social media.

Maria Emilia Ciuci

Jiří Kubica


Jiří Kubica


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